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Married, mom of 2, big families on both sides so I'm a big shopper!

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Mom of 2 music kids who both play hard-to-find-music-themed-stuff instruments Big reader!

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Easy to navigate website, excellent search capabilities, and fast shipping on previous order. Love your site!

Reason I chose this business:

Easy to navigate website, excellent search capabilities, and fast shipping on previous order. Love your site!


I inherited a Go Daddy website for a volunteer organization. Go Daddy website maintenance was easy to learn. Their training tutorials are fabulous! Best part is that there are real people who answer the phone when you need help. Go Daddy is the whole package if you need a website, a place to host it, training materials, and customer support.

Our group upgraded our website system twice and added a payment portal. Easy to figure out and run. Would wholeheartedly recommend!


Came across Pexels when I was tired of using the same 10 stock photos that came with the website platform I manage. LOVE that you can search pexels and download images for free. I used this site so much I started uploading -- I want others to get the great use of this site that I do.
Photo donators/uploaders know that they are putting their photos out there for use. I like knowing that I took some really cool photos that someone else may have a use for.
I appreciate interesting photos and a source for what I need when I don't have it. A free and truly easy site to use!


Fotor is an easy site to use -- I only use the free options.
My usage is all in converting photos to 'art' -- you can select any of 20 filters and it will convert your photo to an impresstionist painting, pencil sketch, blue tone, multo-colored, cubist, van gogh-style, etc. picture. Very cool and VERY EASY. You can download a. Jpg of your altered photo (higher resolution photos are available with the paid package).
Only reason this didn't get 5 * is that the downloads have a big website logo in the corner of the picture. I go and photoshop it out and it's a pain. But the package is cool and easy to use.

Attached pictures are my original photo, the download with the logo, and after I removed the logo.


Giftly lets sender gift money to someone and the someone can choose the gift card retailer. Then giftly sends the card. WORST redemption process ever for the recipient -- SKIP this vendor!
Received email of giftly card from family member in different state - great idea I thought. BAD implementation -- what I had to go through to redeem is ridiculous. Received my card from store of my choice. Call to activate -- yes, totally get that. But to set PIN to use the card you have to go to the website. Guess what? Website doesn't have PIN set option. Customer service doesn't answer, menu option says to set PIN on website, you're supposed to email them with your problem (really? I wanted to walk out the door and use my card)
If you google how to set PIN it says to call customer service (see above about what happens when you call customer service). Continued to google and found link to link to link of ** differently named website ** on where to set pin. BUT still don't know how to have merchant run card (debit? Credit?)
Oh, and yes, they charge you if you don't use card after 12 months. That should be illegal.
BAD system when so many others are easy and straightforward to use.
PASS on this and find another gift card system! 100% say use someone else!

Tip for consumers:
Don't buy from here unless you want your gift recipient frustrated, mad, and not able to spend the money you sent.


The Kansas Association for the Gifted Talented and Creative (KGTC) is a non-profit volunteer group in the state of Kansas supporting gifted education, gifted students, gifted families, and gifted educators. It is the only statewide organization whose sole mission is the support of gifted services.
The site has an amazing number of resources for educators, parents, and students. The articles, classes, tips, camps, and At Home Resources can be used by anyone!
The new At Home Resources page was created to help everyone during the stay-at-home directives -- everything from science lessons to use at home, to virtual roller coaster rides, to national weather service, to earth camera views from around the world, to school house rock videos, etc. So many varied ideas!
In addition, the site had resources and ideas for educators (gifted and general education) about how to deal with different level students in classrooms and how to adapt work for gifted students.
The group offers a membership which make you a voting member of the group and gives free access to webinars of various topics during the year. One statewide conference is held yearly in the fall that has key note speakers and a multitude of breakout sessions.
Lots of information specializing in gifted but applicable to many more!


This website highlights Always & Furever Midwest Animal Shelter who specializes in the rescue of senior dogs. Seniors are less likely to be adopted out of shelters or pounds and often have health problems the make people afraid to adopt them. Many senior dogs are abandoned when they become too hard to take care of or too ill.
A&F rescued over 1,000 dogs in 2020! Most are fostered and adopted to 'forever families.' Some are taken in to be given love for the remainder of their lives. The site tells the backstory of the little red barn and mission to love these dogs. A&F is a regsitered non-profit whose only goal is to show love to these mature, abandoned, or owner surrendered dogs.
A book has been written about the barn and its facebook "Goodnight" videos have reached around the world. A site and mission to touch your heart.


I have been beyond impressed with NASA website and the different areas. Entire sub-sites for Mars Rovers, telescopes, etc. They have lots of factual information, timelines, photos, videos, and blog links. I love seeing the comments from the scientists and mission controll personnel.
They have really stepped up their game and provided teaching resources and student sections/activities. Kudos to those who have taken this site and made it more accessible as an education tool!
This site is AMAZING!


ItsDeductibleOnline is a site to enter donations that can then be imported into TurboTax (tax preparation) software. Before this site was created, I was keeping my own spreadsheets of monetary donations, item donations, miles, etc. and then putting them in while preparing taxes.
This site is sooooo helpful! Because I can enter donations in year long, I can cut down on the amount of time I am entering info at tax time. It's enough of a pain as is to enter wages, tuition, interest, etc. without haivng to do charitable donations at the same time. Spreading this out during the year is so helpful!
The site allows you to track monetary donations, miles driven for charity, track things like tolls while driving for charity, and item donations. THIS item donation is the best! It will give you the current 'going rate' for item donation (like what to claim for donation of a pair of kid's bluejeans). And you can add items that don't exist in their database and place a $ amount on it yourself.
AND since you create an account, it keeps your year to year donation and charity information. So if you gave to a certain charity last year you do not have to renenter name/address info this year.
It is SUPER EASY to import information. While using TurboTax, when you get to the Charitable Donation section it will ask you if you want to import from ItsDeductible. If you say yes, it will ask for your username and password, import the data, and put it all in whatever form or category it belongs.

Tip for consumers:
Note how ItsDeductible categorizes its item donations then structure your receipts and notes the same way. For example -- if donating books there are only 2 categories and: 2-3 sub categories: Children (Hardback, Paperback, Board Book) & Adult (Hardback, Paperback). You don't have to write down title names but simply need to total the number of books in each sub-category

Verified purchase

Wow, lots of negative reviews for The Grommet's customer service. My experience with them was very good. Ordered my products which all arrived. But one (pillowcase with mulitple layers) wasn't sewn properly and had come apart. I took a picture of it, logged an "other" request (you can log a return request but have to use Other for a replacement request). I also then sent a picture of the item to customer service email. It did take them 5 days to get back to me but a replacement was ordered the next day. I offered to return the damaged item and they told me to keep it or dispose of it.
I do love the unique items they sell and the fact that they support small businesses.

Products used:
Shape changing cube
Arm spinners
Pillow case


Wish I'd seen the other reviews -- placed order on 11/29/19 and got order confirmation. My card was charged $49.99 under a woman's name "Gaylene" for "Cosmetic supplies" Of course the item never shipped -- I have disputed transaction with my credit card company and filed an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

• Updated review

We just purchased another set of front floor mats, back floor mats, and cargo liner for a different make and model car than we've ever purchased before. Perfect fit just as all the others. Excellent product and company!

Amazing products (car mats and cargo liners) fabulous customer service
• Previous review

We have been Weathertech customers for over 15 years and can't say enough good things about the products and service. Weathertech makes car mats and cargo liners that are far superior to anything our car dealers/manufacturers offer.

The materials are high high quality that last and stand up to years of abuse. The mats and liners are laser cut to the specifications of your make, model, and year of vehicle -- and that is how you order based on those criteria. Different colors available to match or contrast interiors.

The fit is absolutely amazing! The newest mats and liner we received go all the way to the door so you don't get rain/snow/slush/mud on the car carpet. The cargo liner is a requirement for our family and we order it the same day we purchase our vehicles!

Though I shouldn't say -- our local very-high-end-dealer sells Weathertech mats from their parts department because they are so much better than what the car manufacturer makes.

We've ordered 7 sets of mats and liners over the years and all have been extraordinarily easy orders. Phone support has been helpful and friendly.

I'm NOT promising anything of their service but we ordered our 3rd set of mats/liners in a year and didn't like the color -- all we wanted to do was exchange them and make it quite clear this was our mistake and not theirs. They did the exchange for free and thanked us for being such loyal long term customers!

100% recommend products and service!


This review is about the WEBSITE -- not a store or a particular product. The reason the website got a 1 * is because of our following order trials:

1) We placed an order online for housing materials, got an order number and website said order tracking available throughout entire process
2) Website gave a date for what it considered a "special order" for arrival
3) Website told us housing materials arrived at store
4) We called store to confirm since this was a large order and we had a crew at our house ready to install
5) Store said material NOT there but would arrive on that night's truck
6) Called store next day, material had not arrived even though website said order was at the store
7) Store then tells us website tracking really doesn't work that well and our order would be 10 more days out
8) We called again next day to confirm 10day out arrival since we had to reschedule work crew
9) Store tells us, well they don't really know when our order will arrive and we shouldn't really check on the website since it can't really track the order
10) Website sends us a survey asking how we liked our materials (!)
11) We talk to store manager voicing frustration over disconnect between website order tracking and real life
12) Manager calls us back to tell us our housing materials have NOT EVEN BEEN MANUFACTURED YET! They now have no idea when our order will be manufactured much less arrive.
13) We cancel our order.

Having a website that cannot track your order is one thing -- tell us to call customer service or our local store - but to have one that doesn't really track but says it does, and to have Lowe's employees tell us the tracking doesn't work? In this day and age that is unexcusable -- you have lost us as customers and will continue to lose customers over this.

There are too many places that do web orders and web order tracking well to put up with such lack of regard for customers and inefficiency.


Anyone who has/is a low brass player (tuba, trombone, euphonium, horn) knows how hard it is to find music for these instruments. Sure you can find basics but what about when you need more than basic?

Lowbrassmusic is a fantastic find. You can search for music by instrument, solo - duet - trio - etc, ensembles, accompanied, composer, piece title, publisher, and lots more. Reasonable prices

Some pieces are hardcopy only, some are. Pdf downloads, and some are both. Be aware that many competitions will NOT allow a. Pdf printer copy of music -- when they say 'original copy' a printer copy of a. Pdf is usually not accepted.

Music is also given a 'grade' level indicating difficulty. Many pieces also have a 30 second clip you can listen to. Customer service reps were really helpful when I started out as a clueless new lowbrass parent!

Amazing, fantastic music library! Nice, patient customer service


For me, personally and the many organizations I belong to, use Survey Monkey for basic surveys -- fairly easy to set up once you get their flow and easy for survey takers to answer your questions.

The free creation limits you to 10 numbered questions (though you can structure some questions so that multiple things are asked under 1 number) and limits you to 100 responses or less. You can see all your data and can copy/paste it. Anything above and beyond this requires paying for a monthly/yearly plan.

There are some basic question formats available: yes/no, multiple choice, text line answers, or text box answers. Lots of hints & tips available to better structure questions.

We have had parent groups use this for years with great success -- again, realizing that our groups and respondents rarely go over 100 this was a powerful and free way for us to gain access to lots of information. Completed survey creates a URL that can be posted on social media or emailed.

I truly appreciate the ability to update information after a survey has been 'published' -- makes fixing typos and clarifying questions possible once a survey has started. Not being able to export data is annoying -- you must copy/paste the results in order to get them someplace usable like a powerpoint, excel, or word processor.

I have seen this used for something as simple as asking families what type of get together they'd prefer for a family reunion, to one text box comment questions, to 10 question multiple choices, and even more than 10 questions asked if formatted creatively (Example Q3: Tell us your experience with your: a) teacher b) counselor c) advisor d) principal --- see 4 text questions but one numbered question).

One recent parent group survey went crazy and ended up over 700 responses -- not what we expected. SurveyMonkey emailed me, told me we had over 100 respondents, that I could look at respondents 1 - 100, but if I wanted to see 101+ we would have to pay to see the rest. We purchased one month of payable service ($30), had access to all our responses, I was able to export everything into a comma separated spreadsheet file where I could format, copy, & paste. We cancelled the service before it renewed for the next month, no problems at all.

Powerful tool, free option let's you do a lot. Wish data export was available without payment but a great survey tool.


So very glad a friend introduced me too Have you ever needed to set a meeting date & time with a group of people? You create a message and send it around and everyone answers but you still have to find the best day-time when the most people are available! Doodle does all this!

You enter in your dates & times and create your 'poll.' You can either enter emails in doodle to send the poll or (if you're me) you send the link to your own email and pass the poll url from there. You do not need an account to answer the poll!
You look at the list of options, enter your name, and check when you are available. It obvious to see who can do when but doodle will also show you, mathematically what the best option is.

Fabulous tool to make planning easier! 100% recommend


Sign Up Genius is a fantastic free site (with possible upgrade options for $) for creating sign ups -- think of the paper lists that get passed around for signing up for committees, food for potlucks, who's bringing what to parties/get-togethers, and contact lists.

An amazing tool that gets used exclusively at our school, pto's, classes, parent groups, theatre signups, sport teams, etc. The creation of a signup lets you: put in general info & a description, select a visual theme (they have tons or you can upload your own picture), create date and time slots, create named slots (will be a chaperone, provide a salad, sign up for a ticket taking slot, etc.), apply rules (sign up person must include email address and phone number), option for comments, and ability to communicate with all signup people via email or text. Very powerful and easy to figure out. I personally love the ability to copy an existing signup and modify it. A url is generated so it can be sent to mobile phones and signs up done there.

Here are some of the ways I have created and used:
1) Dinner signups on assigned days for families with illnesses/death with listed food item
2) Sign up for ticket taking at theatre production on multiple days and multiple time slots
3) Sign up for 15 different committees for band parent organization
4) Sign up for chaperone slots for scouting events, school trips,
5) Student sign up slots for volunteer opportunities and hours
6) Sign up for multiple offerings of CPR classes for our church

Fantastically powerful tool that people can use to sign up AND they are not required to create an account to sign up for anything (but creators do have to have an account) Notification settings can be set for the creator also (notify me when someone signs up, changes slots, cancels, etc.)

100% recommend


My kids have used High Sierra Backpacks (Access Laptop backpacks) for years. STRONG and lots of colors, good sized, lots of pockets. We usually replace every 2 years due to normal wear. Once the kids hit high school STRONG was a requirement -- textbooks are extraordinarily heavy these days.
Website has all the colors and types (certain stores only carry certain models).
Had 2 of our Access backpacks rip in the same place: where the zipper attached to the top of the b. P on the front. Contacted CS at High Sierra as the backpack tags list a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Since our damage was due to normal use -- they replaced the backpacks for free!
I did have to photograph damage, and send info about when purchased (2 & 4 years ago!). My claim was accepted and to have our replacements sent I had to cut a hole in both backpacks (to prove they were destroyed and so I didn't have to spend $ to send them in to company) and send a list of my 4 requested replacements.
Both new backpacks arrived within a week of final pictures being sent! The 3 cs reps I talked to were all helpful, sorry our products failed, and very clear and concise over what I needed to do for replacement. They did NOT require an original sales receipt, just the tags from inside the bag to prove they were from High Sierra.
More companies should take lessons from High Sierra: they stand behind their products, they made the claim and replacement process easy, they followed through on their warranty promises


This review is for the Basuch + Lomb Rebate center
The contact lens product is fine -- no problems with that. The rebate center is another story -- currently almost 200 complaints about rebate center on consumer affairs.

We filled out all the paperwork for the Bausch + Lomb rebate in March of 2016. Filled out everything and sent in enough UPCs to qualify for $100 rebate (confirmed by our eye doctor). However, when our pre-paid card showed up it was only for $60. Hmm, figured I just did something incorrect and oh well, $60 is $60.
Went to spend the $60 card and there was only $50 loaded on it!
I have tried 5 different 800-855-866 contact phone numbers and no matter what number you call you are stuck with a series of recorded menus and information. THERE IS NO WAY TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON!
This awful experience has us reevaluating whether we will ever use Bausch + Lomb contacts again as there are many other companies that can provide the same product


You either love or "just don't get" the life is good t-shirts! We love them -- super super soft, pre-shrunk, wash well, and fun!

Have given gifts of pajamas before that the recipient is still saying thank you for!

Free shipping on everything from the site. You have to pay for returns but any exchanges are still shipped free of charge.

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