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Its like stumble upon for funny pictures. One can vote them up and down or upload a new one. The site is fact and... if you have time to waste... you will like it!


An amazing site featuring tech related net-casts which one can watch live as they happen or download the recorded audio podcast. If you are interested in social networks, privacy and security, and the Internet as a whole you will love Twit.Tv


I started using the SpiderOak services after Dropbox changed their terms of service. So far I am content with the functionality of SpiderOak even if it took me a little time to grasp the software that manages the folders/files to be synchronized and / or backed up. The good thing about the service is that while the free accounts start at 2 GB available space, it can be easily expanded by using referral links to the whooping 50 GB which many similar services would provide you for a monthly fee.


My experience with DHgate has been a positive one. I bought a laser toy, ink for my printer and Bluetooth headphones so far and they all arrived on time and work as advertised. My uncle is also a frequent customer - he just received immense photo frame with more functions than the ones sold in the stores here and at 3 times less the price. So I guess it all come to what kind of product are you looking to buy.


Dropbox is a good service, but there is a slight learning curve when one first start using them. I like the functionality - however they fall behinds some of their competitors for not having a Symbian application, and at least in Europe more people use that than Android or Iphone.


I have been trying to find good chat solution for my radio for quite a while and am really satisfied I found Chatroll as their service is easy to implement and moderate if needed. The one thing I don`t like of them is that the free version is too restricted - only 10 users, while the first paid plan is expensive $10 a month. While satisfied with them overall I hope that they will rethink their pricing policies as they really limit any small communities that would like to use their services.


Ixquick is a new search engine that respects the privacy of its users. Their results are quite accurate and the best thing is that they claim that they keep absolutely no records of ip addresses and search strings. ( as you know Google maintains a detailed user profile for everyone that uses its services)


We all know that Twitter can send you an email each time someone send you a direct message. But what about when someone send us a replay? That is usually the case when someone wants to address us publicly in the course of discussion or is attempting to start one. Twitstra will solve this problem by sending you an e-mail every time a tweet mentions your Twitter name. The service is simple to use and it utilizes OAuth, so you don`t have to worry about any phishing.


There are many programs ( most not free) which allow you to check your system for drivers that need to be updated. Today I stumbled on a site that would check your system for free and provide WORKING links to the drivers you may need. Great idea and functionality!


The website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a valuable source for news and information about privacy and personal security to users from all over the world. They go extra step in protecting the free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights.


Whatever you are running a site or a blog you will find a lot of useful codes, script and tools at Dynamic Drive. Some of the tools will allow you to optimize your photos so you site loads faster, to generate a FavIcon or a button, protect your email from spam…etc. And when it comes to scripts – the extensive collection of Java Scripts neatly organized into categories is there for you. Best of all –the resources on the site are freeware. Highly recommended.


I don`t yet own a professional cam, but its a real pleasure to see what great projects people have done with theirs. Such as GigaPan. The site will allow you to explore various destinations across the globe, zoom in to the tiniest details. I was able to discover some amazing panoramas. Worth checking it out!

5/3/10 features Live radio, articles, discussion forum, audio and video clips, previews, introductions and reviews of coming of age books, short films, music and movies with a focus on adolescent development. The site has been certified as family friendly and is regularly monitored and moderated to ensure consistence of its content.

In addition to the usual reviews of films and youthful musicians which has been the staple of the blog from its inception, since last Fall the blog has been documenting the phenomenal growth of the Elton John/Lee Hall production of Billy Elliot the Musical as that show has grown from a London beginning to Broadway and Chicago and soon to several other countries. Several articles profile all the current Billys in those productions as well as highlight many other aspects of the show.


Lovely site that will allow you to convert your favorite clips from YouTube to high quality mp3s in real-time. You can set a specific timing and even the tags such as artist and name of the song / or the clips /.


A wonderful web 2.0 site which allows you to search Flickr and discover great photos uploaded by its members. The search result is displayed as thumbnail mosaic spreading on different pages.


The site features an abundance of free wordpress themes which are well categorized. Each theme has a preview option and a working download link.


Many sites require you to register just to see a simple video or read a review... etc. Even if this registration is free if you stumble on a site that you are unlikely to visit again, creating yet another registration is a will help you quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information. The service is quite good as you only have to enter the site you need to log into and some other user would have shared credentials.


Sometimes, you are looking through pictures and one of them catches your eye. You are familiar with all these sites that let you bookmark your favorite is a social bookmarking site which will allow you to bookmark, not sites but graphics and photos. They have a Firefox extension which makes bookmarking easy and you can have both public and private RSS feed to share with your friends.


It is the case with most programs that offer smiles and emotions for your email, msn... etc. Most of them are pretty enough to get the user install it and they slip some spy ware or other malicious software / code on the user`s computer. I have seen this quite some time having to fix the computers of various people. Using Spybot search and Destroy may help, but in general avoid these services.


As most one click shearing sites to use you have to either pay if you want to use the service without frustration or have a paying member do a special link for you. SendSpace has been around for a while and what differentiates it from the rest is the size of the files that can be exchanged.

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